Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Product Placement: Tervis Tumblers!

One thing I love about college classes versus high school classes is that all of my professors allow me to bring drinks. Of course, I’m sure this would be very different if I was working in the lab classrooms… luckily the Mass Communication/Business department doesn't mind!

I got a monogrammed Tervis as a graduation gift, and it has been my confidant during many a class and study session. (Not to mention, it’s enabled me to get as much Dr. Pepper out of the dining hall as possible… whether that should be considered a good thing or not is up for debate…) It may seem silly to make such a fuss over a cup, but it’s probably been one of the most useful things I’ve gotten!

Order yours HERE
1. 12 oz cup
2. 24 oz cup
3. Water bottle (I've got my eye on this one!)
4. 15 oz mug
5.16 oz cup



Laurie Tester said...

My favorites! I need a new set, too!

SSM said...

Love these! :)