Friday, June 15, 2012


Leaving Italy is not something I want to think too much about now, however I do get really excited to think about decorating my apartment with all of my "souvenir-y" stuff! (And by "souvenir-y", I definitely don't mean tacky... I mean things like the green and white bread basket that can be seen in the upper right-hand corner of pictures in my Busatti post)

Of course, the cheapest and best souvenirs are always photos! I love the idea of having a personal gallery of all my favorite photos that I've taken. My only problem is figuring out how to show them off. So I did what any girl would do and turned to Pinterest for some frame-spiration... 

 {neat, orderly, and in the same frames- a classic setup}

 {mix & match!}

 {HUGE black & whites!}

 {many many pictures in one huge frame- this might be smart for me since I already have a billion I can't choose between...}

 {frames within frames for added interest}

 {not applicable to Italy pictures, but I thought these MacBook pics were hilarious!}

I know I'll have mixed feelings about leaving come August, but covering my apartment in pictures of Italia will definitely give me something to look forward to!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Color Me Neon!

I realize that neon isn't exactly a new trend. (I suppose it might be reaching the early adulthood stage of it's fashion lifetime?) Nevertheless, I love looking at it, and I love wearing it even more! I can see how it might be intimidating, but what people don't realize is that it's actually a very all-inclusive trend. It's perfect for those of us who love the shock-factor of wearing our best and brightest from head to toe as well as those of us who prefer to use our neon sparingly rather than daringly. (Nothing pumps up a neutral outfit like the pop of a chunky neon necklace, shoes, or clutch!) 

{necklaces are a fun an easy way to participate in neon color-blocking}

{pairing a neon with a neutral is a great way to ease into the trend}

{neon solids}

{full on neon color-blocking!}

{never underestimate the power of a bright shoe}

{another one for the brave and the bold- love it!}

{a personal favorite- neon top with a white bottom- perfect for summer!}

*all pictures are from Pinterest

Monday, June 11, 2012

... I'm still here!

Well hello there! Just popping in to say I'm still around! I got a lot of flack (all in good fun) about how I was just bumming around Italy all summer, but we have really been put to work! Assisting students, working in the offices, doing little duties around our building that everybody wants done but doesn't actually want to do... (But of course, we've been having a blast doing it!)

However, I'm about to completely contradict the previous statement with the following pictures...

The students had a travel break, so we took the opportunity to head to Rimini so that we could hit the beach! It was absolutely lovely and gave us the rejuvenation we needed to get back to this...

I hope you all are having great beginnings to your summers!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Product Placement: Monogram Decals

 Order yours here! (there are also really cute mini decals that are perfect for sassing up small decor!)

Sometimes it's hard for me to imagine anyone who doesn't understand what a monogram is, especially since they seem to be everywhere I turn in North Carolina. However, step outside of our neck of the woods, and – believe it or not – very few people know what they are. (My best friend's uncle is from the North and thought that the monogram decal on the back of her car was a gang symbol...) 

My friends and I love learning people’s full names (a small idiosyncrasy we share), so we were all about asking our Italian friends about theirs while we strolled the main street last night. As it turns out, Italians don’t have middle names, and therefore, monograms are completely off of their radar. We had a lot fun explaining the concept of "the monogram" to them and the crazy obsession we have with them all while drawing ours in the air with our fingers. (I think they thought our passion for three funny-looking letters was a bit strange…) Now all we need to do is get them to start using "y'all"...