Monday, May 21, 2012

Big Girl Store

Nothing brings out my domestic-ness quite like Busatti. If my sources are correct, there are only two stores in all of Italy, one of which is in my "home-away-from-hometown", Sansepolcro. It is full of kitchen and bedroom linens and necessities made out of the most gorgeous Italian fabrics I've ever seen. (Fabrics can also be bought by the bolt... sometimes I actually ponder the logistics of toting them home in a second suitcase... they're that beautiful.) My friends and I have discussed at great length how we want to buy an old Tuscan home and furnish it entirely with Busatti wares. (We're only partially joking...) I regretted not buying more from here last time I was in Italy, so you better believe my wish list is quite lengthy this time around!

I have to laugh because it's one of those stores I would've despised going into when I was little, but now I can't get enough! Perhaps I'm growing up after all!


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