Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Product Placement: Luggage Tags

I've decided that checking luggage on international flights is both the best and worst thing ever. Being that I LOVE summer clothes, I didn't skimp on packing. (Lightweight fabrics means you can definitely bring more, right?) I managed to stay under the weight limit, but that would still make for a miserable load to haul. On the other hand, during my flight I would catch myself thinking about all of the lovely things I brought with me and how devastated I would be if my suitcase were to get lost...

Janna's suitcase was one of the first to come out of baggage claim (when has that ever happened?), so I was thinking mine had to be next, but many many rounds of luggage later, mine was still nowhere to be seen. As I was standing on my tip-toes craning my neck anxiously scanning the conveyor belt, I thought about how great it would've been for me to get a cute luggage tag that would make my suitcase pop from what seemed like hundreds of others.

I really love how you can choose the font, pattern, and colors of the tag! 

Contact info- very important!

You can order yours here and hopefully be spared the worry! Oh, and my luggage did come out eventually! (I wouldn't be telling the story here if it hadn't... I'd still be freaking out...)



Nicole-Lynn said...

Ohh I love these! I made some for my honeymoon and I thought they added the perfect touch! It's all in the details! :)

I wanted to point out to you that I changed my blog name from Seasidesmitten to The Beverly Fam. If you wouldn't mind please change the link on your sidebar,


Travel accessories said...

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