Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beat the Heat

It's hot. I mean -- it's HOT hot. It's hot here in Italy (and Italians don't do AC... yikes!). It's hot back at home (Raleigh, NC for me), and I think everybody is in need of some good indoor things to do when the sun is just too much. At times when we're not needed to do any work and the heat is at its peak, my friend and I have taken up reading aloud to each other with all of the lights off and the fan on high in our bedroom. It's actually turned out to be quite fun -- like a little slumber party in the middle of the day! Here are some other things that I might be doing indoors if I had access to my craft supplies at home!

{painting flower pots!}

{making A-frame tents with kids I babysit}

{doodling on plates and cups with porcelain markers and baking them for 30 minutes in a conventional oven}

{making a wine cork board -- and having fun collecting the corks!}

{painting cute totes using doilies as stencils}

{sewing ruffles on my duvet to make Anthropologie-inspired bedding}

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I hope everybody is staying cool! And appreciate your iced drinks! Ice is another thing that isn't very common in Europe, and I am finding myself missing it a lot!


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