Wednesday, August 1, 2012

On The Agenda

There is just something about an approaching school year that makes me feel like being the Martha Stewart of school supply organization. Granted, this doesn't last super long into the semester, but at least I try, right? Last year, I splurged on this Lilly Pulitzer agenda (sailboats... need I say more?), and its cuteness really encouraged me to actually use it. Besides it's looks, I also love that it has month views where I can see what all is going on over a longer period of time as well as week views where I can write down details about assignments or events. Some of my friends have already ordered their Lilly agendas for the upcoming school year, and although I have until December before mine runs out, I thought I'd check out what Ms. Lilly has to offer!

I'm thinking either the alligator or the flamingo one! How do you like to organize your schedules?



Invitations said...

Love the illustrations and patterns. So vibrant and fresh!

Invitations said...

I'd go with the flamingos, but the alligators are lovely too :D