Friday, June 1, 2012

Product Placement: Monogram Decals

 Order yours here! (there are also really cute mini decals that are perfect for sassing up small decor!)

Sometimes it's hard for me to imagine anyone who doesn't understand what a monogram is, especially since they seem to be everywhere I turn in North Carolina. However, step outside of our neck of the woods, and – believe it or not – very few people know what they are. (My best friend's uncle is from the North and thought that the monogram decal on the back of her car was a gang symbol...) 

My friends and I love learning people’s full names (a small idiosyncrasy we share), so we were all about asking our Italian friends about theirs while we strolled the main street last night. As it turns out, Italians don’t have middle names, and therefore, monograms are completely off of their radar. We had a lot fun explaining the concept of "the monogram" to them and the crazy obsession we have with them all while drawing ours in the air with our fingers. (I think they thought our passion for three funny-looking letters was a bit strange…) Now all we need to do is get them to start using "y'all"...


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I liked your blog-- loved the creativity that is harnessed here. Great ideas.